D.M.S-MAR, International Transport and service company, proposes:

1 .Many customizable services with high added value:

  • FCL and / or LCL : Trailer or Container; Sea / Road / Air  from and to the Five Continents: Africa / Europe / America / Asia / Australia .

2 .Each client has a local sales representative and a sedentary contact so that a special contact is woven to meet the specific needs of each in real time.

D.M.S-MAR makes available to its customers a team of dedicated professionals who are trained in the different departments of International Transport every day.

3 .A dynamic logistics that allows the customer to follow the status of his order at any time. The traceability of a shipment is a guarantee of seriousness as well as the contractual respect of delivery dates.

D.M.S-MAR obtained a powerful information processing system and a software personalized, modern, allowing “booster rocket” the orders in a very competing medium.

4 .A price policy studied at the fair to satisfy the customer.

In a highly competitive sector, DMS-MAR took the lead and offers aggressive prices that will complement the professional services already offered.